What if your whey protein could satisfy your Summer Thandai cravings while helping you reach your fitness goals? ☀️

This is exactly what we have for you this time. Introducing..

Classic Thandai Whey Protein

Treat yourself to the rich, creamy flavor of Thandai with our delicious whey protein. It's the perfect way to satisfy your festive cravings while still sticking to your fitness goals.

Get High On Protein, Not The Calories

Indulge in the creamy, indulgent Classic Thandai shake made with high quality whey protein and real nuts - all while hitting your fitness goals and avoiding the extra calories


Made With Cold-Processed Whey

Fuelled Whey is made using strictly low-temperature processed whey protein, ensuring the highest quality protein for your body


Boost Your Recovery

Hitting your daily protein intake goals is essential whether you're trying to build muscle or lose fat. Enhance your recovery and gains with the highest quality whey protein.