Our Mission

Passion x Purpose

We founded this company out of one simple desire - to make a difference in this world which we didn't feel we were doing at our previous jobs. If you are a millennial like us, you'd probably relate to this.

We wanted to do something that’d bring a measurable impact to this world, and not just increase the bottom line of our company. We believe our core purpose in life is to help people become the best version of themselves in whatever way we can.

Having a passion for fitness, it became an obvious choice for us to tie our purpose with.  We started thinking about what we could do in the Fitness space, and soon, we noticed a gap that exists in the health foods industry in India.

Asking Questions

The gap that we noticed was a result of asking a lot of questions - 

Why is it that people struggle with their cravings all the time, and fail to reach their fitness goals? 

How is it that we don't have any good options to  feed our cravings, while at the same time, not fall off-track in our fitness journey? 

Why is it that the snacks that pack good nutrition don't taste that good, while the ones that do taste good fail on the nutrition part?
We soon realized that we could do something to fill this gap, and that was our Aha! moment. 

Getting our Answers

As we started digging deep, we found two major reasons why this gap was prevalent in India. 

First, the leading health food brands in India, in order to cut costs, compromised on the quality of the ingredients they used in making their products, and hence, the products didn't taste that good. 

Second, the people running these companies didn't really understand the customer's (read our) needs very well. Most of the industry-leading brands are run by corporates, who don't really know what it is like to stay on a diet, and crave things while trying to stick to fitness goals. Hence, the poor balance between nutrition and taste.

Making the Best

Our answers led us to source some of the best ingredients found across the planet, and try tons of recipes to balance nutrition with indulgence. The ingredients that we could source locally to support the local communities and brands, were sourced locally, while the ones that were available in better quality overseas, were sourced from there. 

Our competition, right from Day 1, isn't with other health food brands. It is with real desserts that people crave while they’re on a diet (not that they're bad, they're just high on calories). We had to make sure, therefore, that our product tasted so good that people would happily substitute a high protein snack for a regular dessert, and feel good about making a choice that pushes them towards their goals. The result: a bar that tastes just as good as it is for your health, without any junk ingredient whatsoever.

A Different Kind of Company

We didn't start this company to just sell protein bars, or make false claims so that you’d buy from us. We mean it when we say we want to help you become the best version of yourself. 

Fitness has changed our life, and we know it will change yours too. And that's what we're here for! Our products are just a way of making this journey more enjoyable and delectable for you. Our purpose is something bigger. If at any point you need any help with your diet, or training, or supplements, know that we're just a message or call away. Our support is our very commitment to you.