Developing a Winning Morning Routine

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There is something beautiful about mornings.

You wake up after a good night’s sleep, feeling fresh, ready to kick-start your day. Your mornings can have a huge impact on how the rest of your day goes.

Develop some momentum in the morning & chances are you’ll keep it going throughout the day and have a killer day. Have a shitty morning and chances are you’ll feel shitty the whole day.

And so it makes sense to develop a morning routine that sets you up for winning the day. That puts you in high gears as you storm through the day towards your goals.

Let’s check out these 5 things that you can do every morning right after waking up that’ll surely get you in the groove.



There is no better way to start your day than getting your blood flowing. Moving just 10-15 minutes right after waking up will sharpen your senses and energize you for the day ahead.

Now, if you’re someone who works out in the morning after waking up, then you’re already practicing this.

And if you’re someone who likes the workout later in the day, then that’s fine too. Just 10-15 minutes of mild / brisk walking should get you energized.



A good health is not just about having a good physique. It’s also about having the right mindset & a good emotional & mental health.

We all have a lot of things that we can be grateful for. Often, while chasing goals, we tend to look at the far away things that we want to achieve & feel like we have nothing in this moment. Which isn’t true at all.

We all have a lot of things in life which we should be grateful for. One of the major ones is being alive while you’re reading this. That’s right. The fact that you’re alive & reading this is something that you should be grateful for every morning.

And so, take out just 5 minutes every morning to connect with yourself and appreciate the small things in life.

Like Tony Robbins says “You can’t be unhappy & grateful at the same time.”

It’ll really put you in the right mindset.



Writing down your goals daily & reflecting on them has a huge impact on how you set out & achieve your goals.

It’s good to have something to move towards every morning & have a direction.

What kind of a day do you prefer? A day where you know exactly what you have to do to get closer to your goals or a day where you feel lost & just swift through the day without any proper direction? We all prefer the first one.

Your goals can be any type of goals – Life goals, daily goals, fitness goals, etc. Basically, whatever you want to achieve either in the short term or the long term.

But you know what the best part about this whole process is? It’s that even if you get off track for a day (Which will happen for sure. We all get off track), if you connect with your goals every morning & write them down, then the next day you’ll be reflecting on your goals & you’ll realize that you got off track and you’ll pull yourself back on track if you really want to achieve those goals. This is a game changer.

And so taking out 5 minutes every morning to reflect on your goals would surely put you in the mindset to go out & crush it.



There is no one size fits all sequence to this. The important part is that you take out some time every morning & put yourself in the mindset to go out & crush it and develop a winning routine.

The way I like to do it is -

10 Minutes – Brisk Walking & Breathing

5 Minutes – Slow Walking + Gratitude Exercise

5 Minutes – Sit down + Goals Exercise

45-60 Minutes – Workout



Your mornings can really guide your day forward. And so, taking out some time every morning to put yourself in the right mindset is important. Focus on moving a bit, reflecting on the things that you’re grateful for & connecting with your goals.

Start doing this little exercise & you’ll surely see a difference in the quality of your days.


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